Internet Service Termination

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It is with a heavy heart we have to inform you that after 25+ years in the Internet business we will be closing our doors for this service on 11/27/2013.

We wish to thank all our customers for their trust in our company over the years to provide internet services, it truly has been a blessing to serve each and every one of you over the years but with recent events it is no longer feasible to continue providing such services. Internet customers will have till 11/22/2013 to find new service providers, after stated date all internet services shall be terminated with Internet Services of Texas.

We will continue to provide email service to everyone who is subscribed to our email service; we will also provide Business Web Hosting and Web Back Up Access. However we will no longer provide Dial Up, ISDN, DSL or Wireless services. We do understand what an inconvenience this may be, if you have any questions please check our Help Desk section for the answers before calling.

Thank you again for your support over the many years, God Bless and Good Bye.


Fire Damage

We had fire on Monday, August 19th.

The fire has destroyed and rendered our building unusable for business operation.

We have temporarily relocated to three (3) building down the road.

Our new address is:

2003 E. Rancier Ave.
Killeen, TX 76541


ClearWire Service Suspended

We are no longer selling ClearWire service.  However we will still take payments for existing ClearWire customers.

Since the Sprint has purchased ClearWire, all ClearWire products has been suspended and no longer available for sale.

MultiByte Systems still has wireless service at limited areas.  Our Dialup Internet and DSL service is not interrupted.



Emergency File System Check

Monday, 22 July 2013 08:23

On Saturday, we had to perform an emergency server maintenance, and had to bring the server down.

The maintenance included file system scan, which cannot be interrupted once started.

This maintenance was required in order to prevent data loss.

The scan was completed on Monday morning, and all operation has returned normal.

This is the first maintainence we've done in three years of continuous server uptime.

Thank you for your understanding and appolgize for the down time.


ISOT Staff.


Access Old Emails

For all those that used our webmail for your email solution, your old emails from the previous email server can now be accessed at  You can also point your mouse to Check Emails then click on Check Old Emails from the pull down menu.

Please note, all new emails received goes to the new server.  New emails will not be received at this old email server.  Use the old email server for checking your old emails and/or forward to your new mail server.


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